The Beginners’ Guide to Dream Manifestation

How can you get started? What can you do to make sure you are using your energy to create YOUR own amazing life…? After all, it is all down to you!

1)   You Get What You Focus On!

Thoughts create reality.

Your past thoughts are, at this very moment, creating your current reality. Yes, really!

For example, if someone annoyed you at work, and you continued to dwell upon it (your thoughts were of frustration and negativity towards the ‘annoying’ person perhaps) they will still be annoying you now – because this was what you were focusing on.

Alternatively, if you have been in a good-feeling place about an area of your life (a relationship or a project you are working on, for example) and you continued to pour positive, self-supportive thinking into this situation, the relationship or project will happily still be successful now.

The good thing is that this means of course that your current thoughts are creating your future! What are you thinking about right now…?!

Be careful with your thoughts. It is easy to start a negative spiral of thinking without being conscious of it. It is useful to start a habit of paying more active attention to what is going through your mind – so if you notice a thought that ill-serves you and what you want to create in your life, simply interrupt it, ask it to leave and throw in a fun thought to replace it. A positive thought will turn the flow of your experience towards positivity.

Warning: do not scold or blame yourself! Otherwise, you could set off another spiral of negativity.

After all, ‘It is only a thought, and thoughts can be changed’ Louise Hay.

We are pretty powerful, right?! Most of us dare not acknowledge or tap into this because there is an element of responsibility involved that we often deem easier to avoid.

Sustaining that good-feeling thinking requires practise, just like anything else new that we want to learn. The dedication it takes to change any habit (like smoking or eating badly) is what is needed here – and the motivation for such commitment comes from remaining aware of the fruitful rewards that lie ahead!


2)   The Power of Collective Thinking

Thoughts create energy.

This power that we all have individually is magnified when several people unify in thought. We all know by how we feel, that being with people who are thinking/feeling/behaving like we are, we consolidate that feeling, inviting more of it in, and in higher magnitude. Just imagine if the world united in a peaceful thought

We seem to have bred a ‘misery seeks company’ philosophy – this serves us only in sustaining said misery!

So, seek out the champions of positivity! Spend time with those who echo your best-feeling thoughts! Inspire and be inspired and the momentum of energy will buoy us all to create what we want for ourselves.


3)   Balance…

Manifesting can be a tricky business when you start learning! We tend towards nervousness and clenching around the outcomes we wish to create. When you want something so desperately that you start to fear NOT getting it, this is when you become over-attached to the outcome and your ability to manifest starts to waiver.

You see, the universe is listening to us ever so carefully and ever so literally… When you start to let fear in, and your focus becomes infected by that which you do NOT want, this is exactly what you get (‘You get what you focus on’)

Look at it like this. A desired outcome (a goal or an intention) is like a butterfly you hold in your hand – cup your hands together too loosely and the butterfly will find a way to escape, too tightly and you will crush it…


4)   The Law of Attraction

This really is an extension of point 1) You Get What You Focus On!

This Law states (according to Hicks) “That which is like unto itself is drawn”. The beauty of this concept is that it applies to everything – it is universal!

To activate the Law of Attraction, you must know what you want (what you want, not what someone else wants for you OR what you think you should want – this is vital). To set a truly powerful intention, you must visualise your desired outcome. To visualise, you use your thoughts, but also your feelings and even your physiology (moving through the actions of attaining your dream, even smiling).

This visualisation can take place in the mind (closing your eyes and letting go so that you can see and feel what is taking place) or ‘on paper’ (you can create a Vision Board that represents your heart’s desires). This is not a one-off activity – you must ‘live in’ those moments as often as you can, immerse yourself in the images you are creating in front of you (literally or ‘virtually’) until your mind accepts the absolute true reality of this vision.

You can intensify the speed and effect of manifesting through visualisation too. You can go to the places you want to live/spend time in; be with the people who are involved in the future you are creating; journal your dreams; or even write a script of your future life with you as the leading protagonist. Live your desires in whatever way you can and as powerfully as you can!


5)   The ‘Feeling’ Intention

How do you know that what you want IS what you really want? You will know, by how you feel about it.

Pay attention to your body. If you are doing something (or imagining doing something) and there is physical discomfort, you are out of alignment with your true wishes. Sometimes, this will come as a surprise. You might have presumed that you wanted a certain something for a long time. The best way to gauge the truth about this desire is to feel it. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. Change it, until it feels right.

Focusing on a positive feeling is also a way to build up to a definite intention. For example, if you are unsure about your exact desires, there is no need to delay setting out on the manifestation path. Make a start by choosing how you would like to feel – you can even design an affirmation around this to accelerate your journey. One such affirmation could be “I always feel inspired to do what makes me and others around me happy”.

Experiment with your own Feeling Intentions and watch what you create!

6)   LOVE

Everything that we create, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, positive and negative, falls into one of 2 categories – LOVE and FEAR.

If you intend fully with only love, you can eliminate any fearful thoughts that obstruct the manifestation of what you really want. Avoid creating, through fearing it, the opposite of what you want.

Love and Fear being opposite sides of the same coin is a useful and simple truth to remember during your creative experience – one cannot survive alongside the other.

Love yourself, love others, and love the limitless creative process!

With love,



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