Revolution is in the Stars…!

Well, it is certainly in the Planets!

The Transit of Venus on 5-6 June 2012 was a beautiful, rare event. It is made even more special because this particular Venus transit happened just after the June 4 Lunar Eclipse….

We only get two transits of Venus about every 120 years, and they come in pairs, 8 years apart. The last transit of Venus was in 2004, and the next one will be in 2117. This year, Venus passed across the face of the Sun and appeared as a clear black dot.


So, what does this mean?

Venus represents Divine feminine energy, Love, creativity, compassion and communication.

The Sun is the source of life energy. It gives light literally and figuratively, and with its light comes power.

Together, Venus and the Sun coming face to face is a huge cosmic event.

What do They Mean Together?

Benevolent power and balance.

As we push forward and create en masse more fear than ever before, characterised by war, failing economies and even the weather system (it’s all about energy!) these two powerful planets signify change. By redressing the imbalances that threaten our peaceful existence, the Giver of Life (the Sun) and Love Energy (Venus) combine to create the next Revolution

How? Let’s look at what happened before in the previous century’s Venus Transits. [below research attributed mainly to the astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert]


From 1631 to 1639

A new world view was emerging, beginning with Galileo’s insistence that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe, the Sun was.

Another influence was Rene Descartes who brought order to thought and something of a revolution in the intellectual life of Western man.

The Catholic Church remained powerful, but was challenged.

A new generation of communicating European scientists were making nonsense of theories that had been rock solid for generations with microscopes and other inventions. They sought answers to motion and dynamics; things that had been unquestioned because they were holy and under God’s control.

Power was shifting.….


From 1761 to 1769

After a spectacular year of military successes in 1759, Britain signed peace treaties with France and Spain in 1763. Britain was now the dominant power in North America.

However, the American Revolution started brewing at this time and the Anglican Church was ousted in 1761.

Exploration for the achievement of scientific knowledge began with Captain Cook’s mission to Tahiti. He makes an unprecedented contribution to the knowledge of the Pacific.

An Industrial Revolution occurred in Britain and the first of the mills, factories and canals were opened.


From 1874 to 1882

There were huge leaps in technology, electricity for public use and the telephone, light bulb and recording equipment were all invented.

This was a revolution in communication (Venus is also the planet of communication)


So, what did these three periods have in common?

A common feature is exploration and the seeking of scientific knowledge, which is interesting, since it is very apparent that we are in the middle of huge advancements in scientific exploration now!

Captain Cook’s expeditions, with their painstaking recording of information on species marked a leap forward in the history of human inquisitiveness and acquisition of knowledge.


The most common theme is revolution!

In the 17th century it was about scientific revolution which the Catholic Church could no longer contain.

In the 18th century it was about an industrial revolution in Britain (a dominant world super-power) and the preludes to a government revolution in America (to get rid of the afore-mentioned dominant world super-power.)

In the 19th century a technological/electrical and communication revolution began.

Venus transits always occur in Gemini and Sagittarius alternately – an axis that is all about exploration and the gathering of knowledge for books in an effort to gain gnosis and superior understanding. Religion and spiritual questioning is associated with the sign of Sagittarius and each of the eras has some notable milestones concerning issues of faith.

It looks like we are heading for a Spiritual Revolution!


THIS is so important!

A spiritual revolution is about getting back to our individual essence WHILE recognising that we are all part of one energy source (whether you call this God, Spirit, Source, Life Force…)

How? A core element in embracing this revolution is forgiveness – forgiving those whom you perceive to have done you wrong. Then we can come back to ourselves and each other. Alongside this, we must finally release the need for reward and recognition. The fear and doubt that accompany both of these desires can be debilitating. Forgoing these needs results in a relaxed spirit and expanded life. Money comes, but not by focusing on it. You are respected, but do not require this respect.

And so, we enter a new paradigm.

In this paradigm, we don’t need monetary affirmations or intense focus on visibility in our business. In this paradigm, ‘all we need is love’ and to know ourselves, more deeply than we ever before thought possible…


With love,



~ If this has resonated with you, I would like to hear from you. I am working with a very small number of clients who connect with this new paradigm and are starting to understand that success in business, as in life, is about what we know, not what we see. The truth lies just beyond most of us, only fear prevents us from seeing it ~





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