The business is changing…!

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The business is changing…! The sunflower, representing natural growth, beauty and inner life-force, remains the same.
BUT, as I see more and more the inexorable ‘chasing the dollar’ of so-called ‘high-end coaching’ and the fear and greed it (mostly innocently) promotes, I have been guided to move firmly away from this; back towards living and teaching the wealth of the ‘inside-out’ approach instead…
My partner’s book, Do Nothing! is a beautifully simple and loving guide to ‘doing’ just this. So, I am assisting him on his book tour of the UK, to promote this understanding.
The tour (not-for-profit) is in aid of the NSPCC.
To do this, we have given up everything, our big house, our belongings (with a few essentials kept back, like the dog, some clothes and my hairdryer!!) to explore the fallacy of outside-in living and encourage more and more of us tounderstand how we can create our lives congruently, joyfully and more consistently successfully from the inside-out.
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