You ARE Your Business

You ARE Your Business

You ARE Your Business

In coaching and mentoring my inCREDible clients (for they are all truly courageous, inspiring and loving people!) I teach them to embrace this:-

You ARE your business!

So, if I too AM my business, everything I do in my business (talking to you, posting on social media, speaking at events, working 121 with above-mentioned superstar clients…) contains the essence of ME.

AND, if I am not giving ALL of me, I am not giving 100%.

Yet, giving ‘all of me’ can be scary can’t it?

I invite you to join the New Paradigm where we don’t have to leave our true selves behind when we step into the office or get on to the phone with our clients.

I spent 7 years in the City working in a job where I was explicitly told to forget my real self and take on the same corporate personality as everyone else – forcing myself to deny my own self-expression lead to years of depression.

This is Old Paradigm. Yes, it takes courage to step into a new way, to break the habits that feel like comfortable old slippers now. Plus, we might not even be sure who the ‘real me’ is if we have been hiding behind a business persona for too long.

But, how much more joyful, not to mention mentally healthy, would your life be if you are ‘Truly You’ at home and in your business?

If this is new to you, experiment with it! Try doing things differently and see what feels fun and right to you. ‘You’ are hiding in there somewhere, bursting to get out, and when you do, you will find so many great ideas, feelings and intuitive actions coming forward.

This does not mean throwing tact, diplomacy and professionalism out of the window!

What it does mean though is that your clients feel nurtured by you and connected to you. When you challenge them, they will respond better; when you stretch them they will grow; when you lead by authentic example, they will trust and honour you.

As a heart-centred entrepreneur, coach, consultant or trainer, having a healthy relationship, built on mutual respect with your client is golden.

You will be fulfilled in your work, your clients will talk about you, and mutual respect grows into mutual success as you both grow and thrive in your lives and your businesses.

With love & blessings


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