What IS a VIP Day?

What is a VIP Day?

As I was posting a client video testimonial online yesterday, I was feeling so much gratitude at how much I love what I do and how truly transformational a VIP Day really is.

In fact it made me realise that, whether I work with a client for 1 life-changing day or within a 3-6 month programme that includes several of these days, it IS the VIP Day Intensives that I myself get the biggest buzz from too!

BUT, this time last year I had no idea what a VIP Day WAS – I had never even heard of the concept…

So of course it struck me that as I post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and blog on my own website about this mystical phenomena, “The VIP Day”, there are probably a lot of you out there who,  like me last year, are wondering what on earth I am talking about!

A year ago, I was a coach working using the basic coaching model, charging by the hour and having moderate success but I knew I was missing something, that I could be more effective AND be more joyful in my work.

I began to network much more widely – I went to personal development  and coaching events, I had a LOT of fun on Facebook, sharing ideas and dreams with other heart-centred coaches, I developed a Twitter “strategy” to connect with more people and opened my heart and mind to as many new ideas as possible.

At one particular event I listened to speakers who offered really special bespoke support to people in business – one-to-one intensive periods of time that focused on you, the client, and opened doors to exciting new ways of doing business, reaching and helping more people, making money and getting complete fulfilment from what you do – THE VIP DAY!

After taking this in, and being drawn to one particular mentor, I invested my hard-earned cash (including some that I had not yet earned…..!) and had my first gorgeous VIP experience!


Firstly, a VIP Day is so-called because as a VIP client you automatically elevate yourself to being someone who MEANS BUSINESS, who is willing to invest in him/herself – now that deserves the VIP treatment!

As a solo business owner especially, moving out of the struggle of doing everything for yourself and by yourself and into a place of immense growth and support, makes you a very special person – a Very Important Person! Let me be clear – this means you have stepped into knowing that valuing YOURSELF is KEY to your success. After all, as a heart-centred entrepreneur, you ARE your business.

And so, having recognised and acted upon your own high value, THAT is exactly how you are treated. AND, you will find that it is not only your mentor who sees and acts upon the value you are now presenting – it is like flipping a switch and suddenly others start to see you for your true high-value too!

What exactly do you GET in a VIP Day?

The benefits of a VIP Day Intensive are vast and various, and depend on the coach or mentor, such as:

  • Entirely bespoke support – so that you are seen for the unique person AND business proposition that you really are
  • Peace of mind – that frees you instantly from the stress of depending only on yourself
  • Loving support – being a VIP client is fun and hugely illuminating
  • Expert business planning advice – your mentor will know how to advise you on your unique business plan
  • Gaining clarity on what you really want and showing you HOW to get it
  • Creative ideas for product, marketing and promotion of you as your own brand
  • Partnership with a professional who cares as much about your success as you do
  • FEELING fabulous – do not underestimate the benefit to you and your business of being cared for on a personal level, being given an amazing lunch even, being in beautiful inspiring surroundings and being energised by your own personal mentor
  • Learning how to attain the mind-set that works for YOU, so that you really can succeed in what you choose to do
  • Feeling once and for all the self-belief you need so that you can take aligned and joyful actions after your VIP Day

SO, to the important question (VIQ – Very Important Question!)

HOW do you choose the right mentor and the right VIP Day package for you?

Most of my clients are drawn to work with me through their own instinct and intuition. They will have listened to one of my teleseminars, heard me speak, met me at an event or even just engaged with me on social media.

There is so much value in “feeling” your way into the right mentor relationship by trusting how you react when you hear or speak to a possible mentor. If you feel excited for example, you know you are onto something!

But, what questions can you ask to make sure you can trust those feelings?

Firstly, do not be distracted by minor details such as where the mentor is located or the investment they require. If that sounds unusual, it is! But, the business of transforming your life is not ordinary, it is EXTRAordinary.

If the right mentor for you lives across the country (or even across the globe!) or if working with him/her requires an investment that challenges your view on how much money you think you can afford, MAKING this happen for you means you have started to live your life from true desire, without letting obstacles block you from your deepest and highest good.

So, don’t be fooled by the fears that come up and say “this is not possible” – if you really want it, it is always possible.

Ask yourself instead:

  • Where do I want to BE in 6 months / 1 year and who do I think can help me get there?
  • Does the work that he/she does really resonate with me?
  • Does this mentor really understand my journey?

It is great to have a mentor who understands some of the challenges you have faced and will face, because he/she has personal experience

  • What ‘specialities’ does he/she offer?

For example, within my holistic mentoring work with Women Pioneers in Business, I am specifically known for: getting you quickly unstuck, developing your services into a juicy package, high-end programme development and how to be you in your business.

Where are you in your business? What is working and what isn’t? What exactly do you need, as far as you know, right now?

Choose a mentor whose specialties you feel reflects these specific current needs

  • What is your most exciting desire for your business? Who could really “get” this, on an emotional as well as a practical level, and mentor you to achieving it?

I’ll leave you with one of my most important realisations when I was dragging my own heels around investing in high-level support:

‘Your business is your vehicle to get your purpose out into the world.’

I used to hate the word business! (7 years working in the City did that to me!)

If you are, or want to be, getting YOUR life purpose out into the world via your business, you, and those you are here to help, need you to be living at the height of your potential and soon!

I have not yet found a more joyful way of transforming, and being transformed, than the “VIP Day”.

With love,


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