The 3 Gateways to Taking Action in your Coaching, Consulting or Creative Business
What holds you back from setting out to implement new ideas in your business?

What are your biggest blocks to getting going?

If you care about your business, value yourself and your clients and are aware that the actions you take really MATTER, you do not need to get stuck in the paralysis that these emotions can create.

Next time you find yourself in this position, take yourself through the AAA gateway and watch your resistance to getting started dissolve away!

A1) Alignment

If you are anything like me, who tends to move at 100mph because I am so passionate about what I do, you know how quickly you can get off track if you get started without considering properly where you are going!

Your destination however is only part of the story .

How you FEEL about where you are going is your true barometer.  

Question –  Is where you intend to end up in 100% ALIGNMENT with who you are, what your business represents and your best intentions for yourself and your clients?

Yes, you really DO need to be aware of your values. The beauty of spending some time to examine what are your values for yourself and your business (and true alignment is when your personal and business values interconnect…) is that it is, at most, just a 3-6 monthly exercise, and at least, a once-in-a-lifetime task.

It is no use, for example, deciding that the client you most want to work with is the one based furthest from home if you most value spending time with your family. However, if you explore the truth of what motivates you and you value adventure, maybe seeking out new learning in a different culture is something you could be working towards.

Don’t kid yourself about what you truly want for yourself – it will only get in the way of achieving your business and personal goals.  Getting out of your comfort zone, whilst strongly encouraged in order to enable real and often rapid development, is not of service to you if it takes you to a place that is unaligned with your values.

Bonus Note: The most successful people I know have a mentor.

“Men take on the nature and the habits and the power of thought of those with whom they associate…” – Napoleon Hill Think & Grow Rich

Whose energy do you want to align yourself with?



A2) Acceptance

My clients often hear me telling them to “be tough with the truth”! Of course, I do it with loving intention, but my message is clear –

Now you are in alignment with your set intention, you must continue your congruent self-awareness by checking out your environment to see where you stand now in relation to where you want to be.

This is the important bit – don’t waste time and energy wishing you were in a different position, in relation to your goal, than you really are! As Dr Robert Holden said in his book on Happiness “In order to create your best future, you first have to give up all hope of creating a better past!”

ACCEPT where you are. Start where you are. It really is that simple.

Direct your thinking only forward – assess what resources you need, go about getting them and do not lament not already having them!

A helpful accelerator here is to spend some moments on Gratitude. High achievers in business can still be prone to spend time in the What-If Zone. What if (!) you were to use that space for a new Zone – a How-Great-Is-That?! Zone.  Even your past so-called failures have provided you with valuable learnings that are to be grateful for and experiences that inform a saved-hour here or a situation-to-avoided there.

Bonus Note: Be very careful to avoid comparison with others in your industry and whom you see as on the same road as you. Often, you will fall into the trap of making assumptions anyway – at the very best, any favourable assumptions could even cause you to take your foot off the accelerator.


A3)  Allowing

This is the real stinger for those who are straining at the starting blocks by now. Before you act, you must ‘do nothing’….

That’s right.

And Breathe!

ALLOWING yourself to move forward rather than ‘forcing it’ is a success mind-set that is a great habit to get into following naturally aligned (A1) decision-making and acceptance (A2) of where you are (“I am where I am, and it’s OK” – Abraham Hicks). The truth is, your aligned decision itself has already created an energy of its own – what you want to do from here is to enhance the manifestation potential not diminish it by blundering ahead for action’s sake alone.

But, if you go-getters out there need a To Do List, here’s a simple 123:

1)   Get the support you need and deserve – allow yourself to pay for someone else to do the things you prefer not to. Free up your time and energy for what you do and enjoy best.

2)   Stop ‘thinking’ and create the mental space that allows access to your powerful inner wisdom .

3)   Go outside, get moving – fresh air, exercise, dancing, singing! Move your body, be present and just notice the inspiration that enters into a clear, refreshed and joyful mind.

Bonus note: Imagination according to Napoleon Hill is “the workshop of the mind” – find your imaginative space. Spending time with children or doing child-like activities is a great way to do this.

So, for all those impatient entrepreneurs out there (and it takes one to know one) who are now thinking, “That is all very well, but how long will that little lot take me?!” – A LOT SHORTER TIME THAN IT WOULD TAKE TO BACK-TRACK AFTER HAVING RUSHED AHEAD IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!

With love,


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