Caroline Frear’s words after her VIP Day

“I wasn’t entirely sure what my expectations were ahead of my VIP day with Victoria, I simply knew that something within in me was changing and other things needed to completely change. My only real hope was that I come away with some ideas and tools for working towards a life that I would be happy to make do with.  That really was it.

Oh how naive I was! Victoria’s passion for her work and her genuine interest in understanding you as an individual (warts n’ all) makes you realise that a good enough life is not good enough.

I walked into Victoria’s home hoping that I could become a published author and to carve some sort of sustainable living out of this.  I left the VIP day convinced, genuinely convinced, that I will be seeing my name at the top of the bestsellers list – it’s just a matter of time!   either, just a genuine desire to change the way you see yourself, your environment and your goals.  I would recommend Victoria to anyone who is setting off on a path of self-development or anyone who wants to say goodbye to being simply being ‘good’ and hello to being brilliant.”
-Caroline Frear

Victoria Groom has a powerful and positive attitude which she uses to nurture and develop your full potential in every aspect of your life.

Victoria Groom has a powerful and positive attitude which she uses to nurture and develop your full potential in every aspect of your life. I am honoured to be part of her programme as it led me to many exciting opportunities.
Lisa Rafferty, Youth Coach and Pioneer for Inclusive & Creative Education
Your Dream, Your Life client 2011

Victoria has warmth, depth, wisdom and compassion.

Victoria has warmth, depth, wisdom and compassion. She has a very professional appearance and grace which is a reflection of the level of integrity in which she conducts herself in her business life.
Thank you Victoria for your continuing commitment to serving the holistic providers in creating consistent income and the confidence to keep moving forward.
-Deborah O’Brien

Victoria Groom’s Rise UK event changed my life.

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Victoria Groom’s Rise UK event changed my life. It opened me to the deepest aspects of who I am and why I am here, helped me discover my life’s purpose, and even hooked me up with someone who’s since become a dear friend and business partner! I’m now co-creating cross-Atlantic events and connecting women entrepreneurs to resources and support around the globe- all due to the relationships formed at Rise!
I can’t thank Victoria enough for the powerful space she created- an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to tap into their deepest dreams and desires and manifest them with the inspiration, resources, and networking opportunities to take ideas global. Victoria is a true pioneer herself, paving the way for the heart and soul in business, and supporting women worldwide to make that happen. I adore her and can’t wait for the next event!
-Kara Gilligan, South Carolina, USA

Working with Victoria has been an insightful and positive experience

Working with Victoria has been an insightful and positive experience. The first session felt genuinely inspiring, and since then, in her capacity as a mentor and coach she has helped keep me on track to complete two diplomas, formalise my business goals and work on my limiting beliefs so I can self-manage more effectively. She’s been instrumental in helping me to find my feet in my new career and in unlocking the confidence I have in myself and the vision for my business. I have, without doubt, learnt more and grown quicker as a coach through working with Victoria.
-Teresa Mitrovic,
Coaching Success client 2010

Working with Victoria has provided me with a special platform on which to develop my business.

Victoria is a warm and loving coach who provides a gentle, nurturing energy that supports growth and success – I had no idea that this was important to me as a mother and a business owner I am the one who usually looks after others and yet I welcomed Victoria’s style of supporting and challenging.
Victoria is an inspiration – her personal story allowed her to empathise with me and I felt a really strong connection with her.
She is also a savvy marketeer and business coach and helped me iron out some key areas that were holding me back and move forward with my business.
The ideas that Victoria gave me have directly resulted in me gaining new clientsgrowing my business and enjoying the journey.
– Carly Hope, ‘The Sales Angel’

VIP Intensive client 2012

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Thank you for the most inspiring day of my life. I am deeply honoured to have had your time today and am overflowing with gratitude. Already I have evidence that the universe is responding!
– Carine Wayne-Campbell, Author of Magnetic Me ( and Founder of Life Soulutions (